Discounted membership, both new and renewals, is now available for the remainder of the membership year until 30 September 2019. The fee is $33.

ACT Masters Athletics Club Membership - $65.00 This member may also compete at Athletics ACT Summer Series and High Noon Series competitions, but cannot compete at any Athletics ACT Championship events.

There is a $5 fee for participating in ACTMA events.
Championship and special events such as the half marathon have additional charges.
Entry to the Athletics ACT events will require payment of the appropriate event entry fee.

Social members - $10. This member may not participate in competition events.

These memberships* are available via the online portal at

* Existing members should select "Login" while new members should select "Registration" to create a new membership record.

If you do not wish to use the online payment option, a Membership Form can be downloaded from this link - ACTMA Membership Form - and posted to the address shown on the form. This link will open a new window - save this document and print it from your own computer (right click and "Save link as" or "Save target as" )

Dual AACT/ACTMA Memberships:

This member, having first joined ACTMA, must also join another AACT-affiliated club, and is entitled to compete at all ACTMA competitions, and all Athletics ACT competitions including Championship events.

This membership is available via the online registration portal on the Athletics ACT website at



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